Adult Masks

Home Sewers to the Rescue!

As Businesses begin to open up after the Covid-19 lockdown, more and more people are looking for hygiene mask options. 

The problem is, they're hard to find, or lack any sort of fashion design. Don't worry, I got you covered (literally!). With these pre-washed masked, you'll be the trendiest person in the office.

Polyester vs Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre that holds moisture, which can lead to bacteria growth. My masks are made with polyester because this synthetic fibre wicks moisture away from the skin. So go ahead, talk moistly to me.

Curved vs Pleated

Pleated masks are a great option, but can be a little bulky. These curved mask options covers over the nose and chin, without all that added fabric

Drawstring vs Elastic

I noticed several people mentioning how the elastic irritates the ears after being worn all day. To help avoid this issue, a drawstring option has been inserted. This also allows for adjusting for different sized heads

Sewn-in Filter vs Replaceable Filter

Replaceable filters make sense. But if you're only washing and replacing the inner filter and ignoring to wash the mask itself regularly, you can be breathing in billions of bacteria, mold or mildew (again, this is a big issue with cotton fibres). 
To put your mind at ease, I suggest throwing your entire mask into the wash.