Print Your Patterns

While we strive to offer PDF patterns that can be downloaded and printed at home, sometimes the REALLY big patterns can be a bit overwhelming to cut and tape together (though, not impossible).

To save you time, we've collaborated with Wide Format Print shops around Ontario to get those really big patterns printed at a discounted price. 


For your next big pattern, request the following:

1) Least expensive paper
2) Black and white print
3) 36" wide 
4) Discount code "Paperdoll"


Greater Toronto Area

*$15 minimum order

North York, Ontario
TF: 1.877.873.0788

Downtown Toronto, Ontario
T: 416.348.0002

Oshawa, Ontario
TF: 1.888.290.7776

Markham, Ontario (temporarily closed due to Covid-19)
T: 905.479.7881

Mississauga, Ontario
T: 905.624.5500

Concord, Ontario
T: 905.660.4200

Vaughan, Ontario
T: 905.738.4555



Southwestern Ontario 

*$15 minimum order

Guelph, Ontario
T: 519.763.5100

Kitchener, Ontario
T: 519.884.1350

London, Ontario
T: 519.679.5757




Eastern Ontario 

*$15 minimum order

Renfrew, Ontario
T: 613.599.2063

Ottawa, Ontario
T: 613.274.0100



Northern Ontario 

Sudbury, Ontario